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The Cambridge English Placement Test – an easy, fast and affordable way to place people in the right exam.   

The Cambridge English Placement Test (CPT) is an international test of general English language ability, focusing on the skills of Reading, Use of English and Listening.

The CPT is an easy-to-take and acurrate online test. You can use it to find out: 

Description:   What level of English ability a person has
Description:   Which classes and courses are most suitable for English study
Description:   Which Cambridge English exam a person should aim for.

The test takes a maximum of 30 minutes and is available on demand.  

It is designed to pinpoint your level of English and relate it to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – the standard benchmark used internationally to describe language ability. It assesses the entire spectrum of learning ability, from pre-A1 level to Level C2.  


You can choose to take a tutorial before the test, access on-screen help at any time and see a progress bar during the test. Should any problems with internet connectivity occur, the candidate does not have to start again – they can simply pick up the test where they left off.


The CPT is a flexible test that can be taken on demain - when and where an instituiton chooses. You do not have to got to a dedticated testing centre at a specific time and date.

Easy to manage  

The test is online so you order tests when you want and you can take it at a convenient time to you both. You can manage test orders and view and print results from a dedicated administration site.  


CPT is an international test that features a variety of accents and texts sourced from a range of English-speaking countries. 

The test is computer-adaptive. Based on your responses, the test becomes progressively easier or more difficult until a consistent level of ability is achieved, and the your level of English can be identified. 

Immediate, meaningful results  

As the Cambridge English Placement Test results are instant, you can make immediate decisions about which classes and courses are most suitable for your students. You can choose whether to show students their results at the end of the test or not.  

Results are presented in a clear, easy-to-understand report which can be produced for one persoor groups of students or employees. 

The CPT's score is based on a scale of 1–100 and tells you their appropriate CEFR level and the Cambridge English exams available at their level.

CPT Score CEFR level
90–100 C2 (Very Advanced)
75–89 C1 (Advanced)
60–74 B2 (High Intermediate))
40–59 B1 (Low Intermediate)
20–39 A2 (Elementary)
10–19 A1 (Beginner)
  0–9 Pre–A1

You can learn more about CEFR results and what a person's ability for each level on this page.

Try our Online Demo Test
You can get a good idea of how the test works by trying the online demo.

The demo test is a great way of seeing what the acutal CPT test looks like and what you will be asked to do. Please note that test resultss are only produced by the full working version of the test.

How to take the Demo Test 

  1. Go to:
  2. Watch the tutorial (Optional)
  3. Enter test token number: DEMCPTE1 

Computer Diagnostic tool  

This tool will automatically inform you if your computer has the correct technical specifications to run the test 

Bandwidth checker  

This tool will automatically inform you if your computer has sufficient bandwidth to be able to run the test


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