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 KET Tutorial Videos

Before taking a practice test, you may find it helpfull to watch the two KET videos below. 

These will explain how the test is structured and demonstrate the types of questions you will see in the exam.

One video explains the KET Reading & Writing exam.  The other video goes over the KET Listening test.



Online Practice Test

This free sample is designed to introduce you to the Key English Test (KET), offering a number of

sample questions to show you the test’s main features.

The Online Practice Test contains a Reading and Writing practice test and a Listening practice test. Please note that Speaking is not offered (more on the Speaking test below).


Two Test Modes

There are two ways you take the Online Practice Test:

Test Mode is designed to give you practice in conditions that are similar to those of the Computer-based KET test.

Learner Mode offers you extras help during the test which includes access to an online dictionary, the ability to check your answers during the test and help button offering tips on how to answer the questions. 

For the listening test, you can also see the transcript of the audio files and can pause, stop and replay the audio.

Before you begin the Online Practice test there is a video, which shows you how to use the test.

As you work through the test, you can review and change your answers at any point.

There is a clock which tells you how much time you have left for the test. The clock will count down as the test progresses and will automatically alert you when the test time has finished.

You can take this sample of the Online Practice Test as often as you wish.


The KET Speaking Test

Below is a video of an actual KET Speaking exam.

The KET Speaking test is not a computer-based test. It's a face-to-face exam in which two examiners test two candidates. The two examiners are an interlocutor and an assessor.

The interlocutor asks questions to the two candidates and directs the test and gives a global overall mark. The assessor does not speak at all, but just listens and gives more detailed scores of how the candidates performed.

The Speaking test has two parts. In the first part, the interlocutor ask the candidate 'getting to know you' types of questions. In part two, the two candidates talk to each other to get and give some information about a particular scenario.

The exam will last approximately 10 to 12 minutes. 


To help maximize your performance on the KET Speaking test, Vantage recommends looking at the video and then reading the Speaking Examiner Comments that detail what these candidates did right and shows ways they could improve their scores.

The Examiner's Comments can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Speaking Examiner Comments Download
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