Essential English for Negotiating
This course provides learners with the appropriate language, specific intercultural skills and effective techniques necessary to be a successful negotiator.



Unit 1: Preparation: Asking for information, planning a meeting, providing explanations. 

Unit 2: Setting objectives: Arranging a meeting, stating interests, agreeing an agenda. 

Unit 3: The meeting: Sending a cover letter/email, amending/confirming the agenda, stating goals. 

Unit 4: Proposals: Presenting proposals/counter-proposals, expressing (im)possibilities, linking offers to conditions. 

Unit 5: A new offer: Enquiring about offers, expressing opinions, suggesting a solution. 

Unit 6: Dealing with deadlock: Expressing (dis)agreement, asking pertinent questions, making and obtaining concessions, encouraging agreement. 

Unit 7: Agreement: Describing current/future situations, conveying commitment, settin
g deadlines, summarizing.



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